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So how does this work?


Super simple! 


Vape: If you’d like a 98% pure CBD vape cart, simply pick your fresh cannabis strain & we'll make it fresh for you.

The vape carts contain NO VG/PG, MCT, VIT E or any other nasty ingredients. They contain only fresh cannabis derived ingredients. 

Oil: If you’d prefer an oil, pick your strength from 500mg to 8000mg, pick your fresh cannabis strain then pick your carrier oil from MCT or hemp seed oil (or a mix of both.) Hemp seed oil contains Omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, Vitamins E, A & B, phytosterols, phospholipids, chlorophyll and minerals. MCT oil helps boost keynote levels in the blood. The oil is made from fresh and 98% pure distilled cannabis sativa L.


Everything is made to order, just for you, just how you like it. Nothing is off the shelf, it’s designed with your needs in mind. Oils and vapes made with the freshest, absolute purest ingredients money can buy, passionately put together by experts who are passionate about helping people, wanting a reputation as the best in the world. 


Broad spectrum CBD vape carts and oils made exactly how you want them from real cannabis strains. THC free but still packed full of every other cannabinoid. Why buy over-priced, generic oils & carts off the shelf or from on-line vendors, especially in such an unregulated market, not knowing who to trust or what goes into your product? Here at Purely Green, we’re hopefully someone you can trust fully as we are hot off the heels of the UK’s largest and most trusted retailer Dope Buds. If you’ve heard of Dope Buds you know what we’re about. Customers first. Quality, freshness, honesty, being as cheap as possible. Never heard or Dope Buds? Feel free to search around Google and YouTube for some of the amazing reviews we got. Purely Green was set up after being ripped off by even the biggest wholesalers & vendors around with oils being sent to us that had no CBD in them. We know through the years of experience in the CBD market, established after CBD saved my life, that finding a product that you can trust consistently is key. Although we can never make medical claims about any CBD products or even advise you should consume such things, we understand and fully appreciate that nearly all of you reading this will rely on CBD to live a normal, pain, stress and anxiety free life. If a wholesaler who supplies hundreds of stores can go off the rails, what hope is there that your CBD will work when you need it? Well now there’s us. We let word of mouth advertising be the only form of communication regarding the products we put out as 5 star reviews are easily faked online. With Purely Green, we use the purest distilled cannabis sativa L  (huge 98% pure! The majority of distillate you can find is around 90%) then the THC is removed using alcohol extraction making these products 100% UK legal. Fresh cannabis terpenes are added back to give your product that fresh, incredible smell and taste. Genuine cannabis terpenes and ingredients only, non of the 'inspired by' cannabis stuff you find elsewhere. We are positive you will adore our fresh and pure oils and vapes.


Why so cheap then, where’s the catch?


Nowhere. Purely Green is unbelievably passionate about helping people. Passionate about freshness and passionate about CBD. Oh, and passionate that you should never have to pay a small fortune for products that make your life easier, hence we charge as little as possible for all the work that goes into making every single product personal to your own needs.


Cheap doesn’t have to mean low quality, sometimes cheap means someone genuinely cares.

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